Red Team

                           Grif the wimp of Blood Gulch

Grif's Bio


  • Status: Alive
Dexter Grif is voiced by Geoff Ramsey, co-creator of the series. Grif is the slacker of the Red Team, and a wise-cracking loudmouth to boot. Along with Simmons, Grif is one of the first characters to ever appear in Red vs. Blue; the pair debuted at the start of episode 1. During the Recreation series, Grif somehow became more active and agreeing with Sarge.

Grif best Quotes

  • What's your zombie plan?
  • Hey doc, nobody likes you
  • Um...shotgun by the way.
  • [As a hostage demand] I would just like to let everyone know...That I suck...And that I'm a girl...And I like ribbons in my hair...And I want to kiss all the boys.
  • Semper fi, bitch!
  • What are we on a date? Get in the back.
  • [When Donut abandons him] That son of a bitch, he beat me at my own game.
  • What can I say about Sarge, except of course good riddance... But seriously, Sarge lived a great life. And now that he's dead, our lives are pretty good too. Zing!
  • Wait a second I can prove I'm not crazy. Because of the bomb. The bomb!
  • [After he is hit by a tranquilizer] Oh look bat people. Please don't eat me...Bat...Peo...ple...
  • [After being told there's no "I" in "TEAM"] Oh yeah! Well there's no "you" in "team" either! So I guess if I'm not on the team and you're not on the team, than nobody's on the goddamn team. The team sucks!
  • Oh yeah, you care to say that to my face...Didn't think so. Punk.
  • [After he keeps escaping the prisoner hole] Simmons I am having a blast going in and out of your hole!
  • What do we need Sarge for? All he ever did was yell at us a bunch and tell us we suck. We'll just split up his duties. You yell at me and I'll tell you you suck. You suck, Simmons! Oh man, this new system is working out great!
  • I think it looks more like a puma.
  • Oh up yours...up yours SIR!
  • Shotgun!
  • Hows my bumper taste asshole?!
  • [Talking to Sarge] If Red Command was wrong about you being dead, maybe they were wrong about other stuff, too! Like, what if the Blues DON'T suck?! What if the Blues are AWESOME?! This changes everything!